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UC San Diego Dermatology provides the highest quality of care to patients suffering a variety of skin disorders and diseases. It also trains the brightest and most talented new physicians and researchers. As one of the world’s leading biomedical research institutions, UC San Diego also implements a range of studies on dermatologic diseases and disorders that are devastating to patients and their families. It has built a strong bridge, bringing new laboratory discoveries to patients and providing top-quality care with expertise and compassion.

Why Give?

Through the generosity of individuals, foundations, organizations, and corporations, as well as competitive government support, UC San Diego Dermatology is able to study and successfully treat a broad range of skin diseases and disorders. Enormous progress toward finding better treatments has been made, and each of our successes – and every chance we have to succeed – can be directly enhanced through the support of our friends.

Your contribution directly supports promising research, critical treatment, or the top-quality training of new generations of dermatologists, and helps us to thoroughly explore innovative avenues in all areas.

You can make a much-needed gift to benefit:

  • The Department as a whole for its greatest needs
  • Education, in the form of support for a resident or fellow
  • Clinical activity and special equipment
  • General education of new generations of clinicians and researchers, and often individuals with expertise in both areas, in the fast-changing world of dermatology

How Can I Help?

Help make UC San Diego’s Department of Dermatology work possible through:

  • Multi-year pledges
  • Outright gifts
  • Commemorative gifts
  • Planned giving options such as trusts and bequests
  • Endowed giving options

For more information about making a gift to UC San Diego’s Department of Dermatology or to help us in our efforts to treat or find a cure for a debilitating dermatologic disease or disorder, contact:

Pilar Gose with Health Sciences Development

We are grateful for your consideration.

The UC San Diego Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization designated by the Internal Revenue Service. Our Federal Tax ID number is 95-287-2494.